AboutSF at Nerd Nite - Lawrence

This past Wednesday, the Lawrence chapter of Nerd Nite put on a spectacular round of presentations devoted to a franchise near and dear to (or disliked by) many in the science fiction community: Star Wars. With The Force Awakens coming to theaters in less than a week(!), many have been chomping at the bit and looking at both prospective new installments, prognosticating what’s to come, and looking back on the older films, once again assessing their place in SF and movie history.

Deep Cuts: Research Library Collections of SF

Here at, we're continually looking for new academic materials to share with all our users. We are all about helping people reach a better understanding of SF, and we know that the field is changing significantly, on a constant basis. As such, if you have anything you'd like to share with us - syllabi, course assignments, reading lists/bibliographies, critical reviews, etc. - feel free to get in touch with us at

From The Archive: Australian TV Documentary on The Day After (1983)

At AboutSF, we pay close attention not just to strong cultural movements and moments regarding science fiction, but also to when those things intersect with life in our adopted home: Lawrence, KS, home of the University of Kansas and the Gunn Center for the Study of Science Fiction. One of the most prominent events to take place in Lawrence, regarding SF and culture, in the past few decades was the filming of the then-unprecedented nuclear war apocalyptic drama The Dar After.


From The Archive: Interview with Rod Serling (1970)

We've been digging through the video archives here at AboutSF and the Center for the Study of Science Fiction, and we've found some real treasures that we want to share with readers and viewers, especially those interested in the history of SF in other media. The first offering we have for you all is a real treat: an interview with Rod Serling conducted by CSSF founder James Gunn, back in 1970 at the CSSF offices at the University of Kansas.

Meet The New Coordinators -- And Come Aboard AboutSF!

AboutSF has gone through some significant changes in the last year, one of which is the hiring of new volunteer coordinators: myself, Adam Mills, and my colleague, Christina Lord. The website for AboutSF itself is going through some changes as well, and before I explain what you can all expect, I thought I would properly introduce myself and Christina to you all!

AboutSF at ConQuesT 46

This past weekend, AboutSF participated in the latest iteration of ConQuesT, Kansas City’s (MO) longest-running science fiction convention, at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown. For CSSF Director Chris McKitterick and other associates of AboutSF, this convention has been a long-running commitment for years now. For myself and fellow volunteer coordinator Christina Lord, however, this was our first trip.

Why Teach SF? Confessions of a First-Time SF Instructor

Teaching SF for the first time can be an incredibly daunting experience. Personally, you have to be prepared to discuss difficult and often delicate topics to a group of students, some of whom may think they hate science fiction. Academically, you will have to strike a balance between what you consider important, relevant, or good SF and what is generally understood as important, relevant, or good.

Women Destroy Science Fiction Kickstarter

Lightspeed Magazine announced several months ago a special issue devoted to women and science fiction.  Recently, the editors launched a Kickstarter to fund the issue. Here's their philosophy behind the project: