SF Studies

Here at AboutSF, we want to facilitate the studies of those who make a scholarly pursuit of reading and writing about SF literature and culture. It’s a daunting task at times, because of the sheer volume of texts that tie into, comprise, and comment upon the topic of science fiction/speculative fiction. It can be hard at times, especially for neophyte scholars, to figure out just where to find the resources they need to make their necessary studies.

Fortunately, AboutSF wants to help with exactly that transition. Here, you will find listings of various research libraries at international educational institutions, general resources for open use via the Internet, and bibliographies with key texts that should occupy spaces on any SF scholar’s bookshelf, or at the very least are worth a perusal. As always, we will keep this space as regularly updated as possible, as new resources become available. And for those of you who work for SF research databases or libraries who don’t see your institution represented here: email us and let us know! We’ll be glad to add you to our resources.