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Occasional columns written by AboutSF volunteers

Teaching the Future: a column in which teachers share stories and advice about using SF in the classroom.

This column provides a way for teachers to share stories of their experiences using Science Fiction in the classroom, whether that’s the Kindergarten, the art, the theater, the community center, the adult literacy, the High School or the university classroom. What were the reactions of students to working with Science Fiction? Did teaching Science Fiction pose unique challenges? Share your teaching stories and advice with us, and with other teachers!

Crossing the Streams: mini-discussions of SF texts whose concerns overlap with something else.

This column, which might be particularly interesting to scholars and librarians, provides a forum for people who would like to share ways they’ve observed particular SF texts overlapping with something else. For example, the John Brunner novel Stand on Zanzibar uses the same narrative structure as John Dos Passos’ USA trilogy. Steampunk literature seems to repurpose elements of Victorian literature in interesting ways. We are very open to unique interpretations of what “crossing the streams” means, and encourage volunteers to decide for themselves what might belong in this column. We’d love to hear what you have to say! The texts examined in this column may come from any of the myriad offshoots of fantastic literature, so don’t feel limited to only writing about SF or hard SF texts.

Salvage Mission: mini-reviews of books, films and writers deserving a wider audience.

This column provides a way for fans, scholars, teachers and writers to champion books, writers, films and cultural artifacts they love which are in danger of being lost or forgotten, and which deserve a wider audience. Salvage missions are serious. Important works and important authors and filmmakers need individuals to recommend them in order to keep them alive. AboutSF would love to have you help us salvage these works and creators, and keep them from being neglected or forgotten. Please consider writing a “Salvage Mission” column for AboutSF!

Submission Guidelines

If you would like to submit a 500-word “Teaching the Future,” “Crossing the Streams” or “Salvage Mission” column to AboutSF, to be posted on the AboutSF website, please send us your column, along with the following information, in the body of an e-mail, or as a .doc or .rtf attachment (aboutsf@gmail.com):

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