Portable Teaching Workshop

AboutSF's Teaching Science Fiction: A Portable Workshop provides a day-long seminar on developing a class on science fiction for primary or secondary students. The target audience for this course is educators interested in designing a class on SF, or who want to incorporate SF readings into existing classes. No prior knowledge of the genre is assumed. General audiences are welcomed.

AboutSF's Teaching Science Fiction workshop covers what to teach, how to organize a class, and ways to promote the course. The workshop will answer all the questions teachers may have about this idea-oriented, forward-looking, student-stimulating body of speculative literature. Attendees receive handouts and CD-ROMs (NEW! Download the contents right here!) that contain helpful material including:

* Why Teach SF? powerpoint with videos detailing the value of science fiction
* Major SF authors and books powerpoint concerning landmark science fiction novels and short stories
* Video excerpts from The Literature of Science Fiction Film Series, including Damon Knight's The History of SF to 1938 and Isaac Asimov's The History of SF from 1938-191
* A powerpoint presentation on major science fiction films
* Examples of the online lessons for Studies in Science Fiction, the online graduate-level course on science fiction offered by the University of Kansas as ENGL 506
* A basic SF library
* Award winning novels Excel spreadsheet
* An overview of “Using SF in Other Subjects” that covers science fiction works particularly suited for established classes
* A curriculum matrix handout, adaptable for different state and local standards, made by Mary Rose-Shaffer
* An example of a successful proposal for an SF course that has been approved by a high school administration
* AR reading tests about Robert Heinlein
* Teaching SF discussion list with series titles

The workshop contains several sub-units designed to be taught together, although any one may be taught individually. The sub-units are each organized around a question: "Why should I teach science fiction?" "What science fiction should I teach?" "How do I teach science fiction?" and "What resources are available for teaching science fiction?" Contact the AboutSF Coordinator at info@aboutsf.com for more information.