Teaching SF Workshop

Teaching SF Workshop at Worldcon

Greetings fellow SF enthusiast!

If you haven’t already heard, AboutSF is leading a teaching workshop for Worldcon71: LoneStarCon3. The Teaching SF
Workshop will take place on Monday, September 2nd from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. in the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center
and will feature an introduction by Worldcon Guest of Honor, Dr. James Gunn. The workshop is designed to give
teachers, librarians, young adults, and parents the materials they would need to teach SF to anyone, anywhere! As we put
together our promotional materials, we noticed that there was something missing from our program: you!

That’s right. AboutSF will be providing printed materials, giving presentations, and leading the overall workshop but we
need passionate, interested attendees to make the workshop a success. If you are planning to be in San Antonio on
Monday the 2nd, please plan on attending this fun and informative event. Attendance is free with Worldcon membership
or $30 for adults and $20 for young adults (17-21). If you plan to attend, register early (space is limited) by emailing

No former knowledge of SF or teaching is necessary; we will begin the presentation by covering the basics on why
teaching SF can change the world. In order to maximize participation and encourage the free flow of ideas, we will have
two breakaway sessions during the workshop. The first session will run from about 11 a.m. to noon and the second from
1-2 p.m. Each breakaway session will be run by a moderator (or several) and may take the form of an informal discussion,
an activity, or a short lecture and Q&A. The breakaway session topics we plan to offer include:

  • Magic School Bus to the Stars: Introducing Children to SF
  • Science (Fiction) in the Library: Indoor Voices of Intrigue
  • The Breakfast on Mars Club: Young Adults, Aliens, and Alienation
  • Strangers in Fiction: Encountering Diversity and Teaching Acceptance with SF
  • Seeing the Universe in the University: SF as a Tool to Gain Perspective
  • From Pulp to Print to iPad: How Changing Media Changes the Way We Teach SF

If you would like more information about our Teaching SF Workshop or have questions about what each topic might
include, please email us at AboutSF@gmail.com. We know your time is limited but we hope that you make plans to spend
your day learning to teach SF in any setting. If you can't make it, consider telling others -- especially any educators or librarians you know are attending Worldcon -- about this workshop. We look forward to collaborating with you and providing you with high quality materials to encourage the study of SF everywhere!