Deep Cuts: Research Library Collections of SF

Here at, we're continually looking for new academic materials to share with all our users. We are all about helping people reach a better understanding of SF, and we know that the field is changing significantly, on a constant basis. As such, if you have anything you'd like to share with us - syllabi, course assignments, reading lists/bibliographies, critical reviews, etc. - feel free to get in touch with us at

In the meantime, however, we'd like to start a new feature: Deep Cuts. This feature will profile impressive resources that are already available on the AboutSF site, and still remain relevant even years later. 

Now, for anyone looking for good SF reading, whether it be original artistic works or critical commentaries, what better place is there to look than a research library? Even better, a collection within a library specifically focused on SF? These collections are an invaluable part of SF education, where teachers can find relevant course materials or self-taught scholars and readers can learn for themselves. Finding these collections can be difficult at times, though, as their quality and depth varies from college to college, where libraries are often largely dependent on the donations of private parties.

Thankfully, we have people like Hal Hall looking out for us, with his immense, comprehensive survey of SF research library collections reprinted here on AboutSF. We strongly encourage users to read this incredible resource, where Hall has listed different collections by state, as well as identifying the largest collections nationally and internationally. With luck, using Hall's research and your own available resources via the Internet and interlibrary loans, you can find any kind of SF work you're looking for.