About SF Poetry

A note about SILVER BLADE

The df/h ezine SILVER BLADE (wwww.silverblade.net ) is seeking slush pile readers. Those of you who want to explore the relationship between the needs of the art of writing and the way it interacts with the needs of editing and putting out a magazine should consider contacting SILVER BLADE. in fact whenever a zine is looking for slush pile readers volunteer. It is going to make you a bettter scholar and writer of sf/f/h poetry.

Book review SURREALITIES by Bruce Boston

Book review SURREALITIES by Bruce Boston, ( Colusa CA, 2011, Dark Regions, pb,ISBN978-1-037128-13-5 ,$9.95

An academic note

A Polish academic Mateusz Marecki has written her master's thesis on science fiction/fantasy poetry. Only the title page is in Polish. If you want a copy of it please contact Bruce Boston at Bruboston@aol.com


Helen Marshall's SKETON LEAVES (Kelp Queen Press ) is a poetry collection that retells the story of Peter Pan, something that you would think be a lot more common. Anyway the folowing link takes to ome of the poems and artwork used in the collection and its well worth the visit. http://skelton-key.net.