Since I noted the demised of MURKY DEPTHS I learned about four other magazines that were paying markets for poetry have folded. On the other hand another dead market,ABANDONED TOWERS . I bring this up for this reason.

It is tempting to compare the current status of sf/f/h magazine with post WW II rapid expansion of sf digest titles and then their collapse. You would be in error. First in the current situation major genre poets appear both in major and minor markets. This was not the case in the post-war boom. Frequently a major writer would use a pseudonymn if he or she appeared in a minor market. Another issue is that the 50's magazines depended on a decaying distribution system that was in profound decline. With few exceptions, the ezines and the printzines largelly use direct sales. Lastly even in this miserable economic situation, people are creating new magazines especially in the ezine segment of the zine market.

BTW if you live in or near Manchester, NH. know that on Jan. 8th,Sunday, I will be doing a poetry reading at the Community Room,O'Malley Apartments, 259 Chestnut St., Manchester. It is going to be from 11 am 1 pm. For more details contact me at sgreen@grolen.com.

Happy Thanksgiving.