December Update: Website Coordinator and Donald Wollheim Collection


The past few weeks have been full of activity for AboutSF. The position of a website coordinator has been added to the AboutSF staff. Patrick Flor, a graduate student at the University of Kansas, will be working to make the AboutSF website—including the Speculation Speakers Database—more user friendly. If you have any questions or suggestions for Pat about the website, please contact him. Knowing more about what our supporters and users are enthusiastic or concerned about will allow us to focus our efforts and resources on those key areas.

In addition to bringing in a new staff member, those of us at AboutSF

got the opportunity this month to work once again with AboutSF's former project coordinator, Samantha Bishop Simmons. Samantha and I collected several boxes of books, magazines, and papers from James Gunn's office to add to the collection at the Kenneth Spencer Research Library at KU. Thank you to Professor Gunn for donating these materials! They will be a benefit to SF researchers, scholars, and enthusiasts.

And speaking of the Spencer Research Library, materials from the Donald A. Wollheim Collection have been catalogued and are available for public perusal. The Library reports:

The Donald A. Wollheim papers date from 1933-2007 and largely consist of manuscripts from Wollheim's years as an editor but also include some of his own original manuscripts. The correspondence contains original letters from influential members of the science fiction community such as Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, and Frederik Pohl.

The manuscripts authored by Wollheim include the handwritten short story "Cosmos Eye" and "The Hand in the Fog," the first short story that Wollheim published. There are typed manuscripts of Wollheim's novels The Secret of Saturn's Rings and The Secret of the Martian Moons. Also included is the first draft of One Against the Moon. The collection also includes a later draft of this novel.

The collection includes more than forty manuscripts from Wollheim's years as an editor. Manuscripts include novels by Brian N. Ball, Alan Burt Akers, and Michael Moorcock.

There are also letters and documents regarding organizations to which Wollheim belonged, including the International Scientific Association. Documents include correspondence and member information.

A large portion of the collection consists of paperback and hardcover books. Many of Wollheim's texts are included as well as those published by Avon, ACE, and DAW Books.

We at AboutSF are so pleased that this incredible resource can be found at the Spencer Research Library. Please review the catalogue for specific information about the materials included in the collection.