AboutSF AUDIO podcast, episode 003: "Angela's Wisdom" by Lynda Williams and daughter Angela Lot

Episode 3 of the AboutSF AUDIO podcast is a recording of the story “Angela’s Wisdom.” "Angela's Wisdom" is a short story by Lynda Williams and daughter Angela Lott. It deals with the value of literacy and the experience of learning to read.

It was written when Angela was 8 years old and given to Reading For the Future a few years ago. Now it has been given to RFF, Inc. It will be used on the educational CD/DVD that will be given to the first 70 participants of the educator’s workshop at Renovation. More information about signing up for the “Teaching SF” workshop at Renovation can be found at www.renovationsf.org/teachingsf.php

Sign-up for the workshop ends on June 30, 2011. An interview with Angela, about the story, can be found on the RFF blog at http://rff-reflections.blogspot.com/2011/04/interview-with-angela-lott-c.... More information on RFF can be found on the RFF website at www.readingforfuture.com. AboutSF is honored to have “Angela’s Wisdom” included in the AboutSF podcast, and to work with a fine organization like RFF. “Angela’s Wisdom” is read for the podcast by Angela Lott, one of the co-authors of the story.

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