AboutSF AUDIO podcast episode 004: "Day Million" written and read by Frederik Pohl

For episode four of the AboutSF AUDIO podcast we are thrilled to share a recording of Frederik Pohl reading his story “Day Million.” Mr. Pohl graciously recorded himself reading the story specifically for this podcast. Frederik Pohl’s career as a writer and editor spans over seventy years from his first published work “Elegy to a Dead Planet: Luna” in 1937, to his most recent novel, All the Lives He Led, published by Tor in 2011. He is a multiple Nebula and Hugo award winner, as well as a recipient of the National Book Award. Mr. Pohl’s other awards are too numerous to list. His beloved works include The Space Merchants, written with Cyril M. Kornbluth, and the Heechee series of novels. Mr. Pohl blogs actively at www.thewaythefutureblogs.com The theme for this year’s 2011 Campbell Conference, hosted by the Center for the Study of Science Fiction in Lawrence, KS, is "Alternating Currents: Frederik Pohl and Theodore Sturgeon." A reading of Mr. Pohl’s and Mr. Sturgeon’s works will be included with the other Campbell Conference events. Information about the 2011 Campbell Conference, and the writing workshops hosted by the Center for the Study of Science fiction, is available at www2.ku.edu/~sfcenter/ “Day Million,” a story first published in 1966, is as keenly insightful in its exploration of human evolution, relationships and gender, as it was when first published. It is a great honor to have Mr. Pohl read this story for the podcast.