Episode 006 of the AboutSF podcast: "Fermi and Frost" written by Frederik Pohl, read by Sheila Williams

I'm pleased to announce that episode 006 of the AboutSF podcast has been published:


Episode 006 of the AboutSF podcast is a recording of Sheila Williams reading the Frederik Pohl short story “Fermi and Frost.” Sheila Williams has worked at Asimov’s Science Fiction since 1982 (www.asimovs.com). She has been the editor of the magazine since 2004. Sheila co-founded the Dell Magazines Award for Undergraduate Excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing (www.dellaward.com). Her many editing credits include the Isaac Asimov’s anthology series (co-edited with Gardner Dozois), A Woman’s Liberation: A Choice of Futures by and About Women (edited with Connie Willis) and Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine: 30th Anniversary Anthology. She has been nominated for five Hugo Awards as editor of Asimov’s. At the 2011 Campbell Conference Sheila agreed to read Frederik Pohl’s well-known and critically hailed story “Fermi and Frost,” which was first published in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine in 1985, and which won the Hugo Award for Best Short Story in 1986.