Onward and upward


Thank you, Ben.

The only thing Ben left out of that mini-CV is my lifelong love of speculative fiction of all kinds. The first book I tried to read was Frank Herbert's Dune. It took me a few years to master that one, but ever since that day, I've had science fiction and fantasy books on my shelves (or on my nightstand, or on the coffee table, the dining room table, and desks at school). By no means is Ben going to ride off into that starry void. Not only will he be producing the podcasts, but I know where his office is and I plan on using him as a sounding board for a great many projects. This year, my goal is to expand what AboutSF does and how many people we reach. There will be announcements coming soon about what we have in mind. Thanks for supporting AboutSF and I look forward to working with everyone in the coming year.

Sincerely, Isaac Bell