Episode 009 of the AboutSF podcast: "The Mayor of Mare Tranq" written by Frederik Pohl and read by Elizabeth Anne Hull

Episode 009 of the AboutSF podcast is a recording of Elizabeth Anne Hull reading "The Mayor of Mare Tranq" written by Frederik Pohl:


Dr. Elizabeth Anne Hull is an accomplished scholar and editor in the field of Science Fiction. She edited the anthology Gateways: Original New Stories Inspired by Frederik Pohl, published by Tor book in 2010 (www.tor.com). She has been a member of the selection jury for the annual John W. Campbell Memorial Award for best science-fiction novel since 1986 (sfcenter.ku.edu). She has been an active member of the Science Fiction Research Association (www.sfra.org), serving as its president, and the editor of the SFRA newsletter. She was awarded the Thomas D. Clareson Award for Distinguished Service by SFRA in 1997. Dr. Hull has been a frequent contributor to the programs at Worldcons, and will be the co-organizer of the academic track at Chicon 7 in 2012 (chicon.org). At the 2011 Campbell Conference, Dr. Hull read the story “The Mayor of Mare Tranq” written by her husband Frederik Pohl. The story was first published in 1996 in The Williamson Effect, an anthology of fiction and poetry inspired by the work of Jack Williamson, edited by Roger Zelazny.