Episode 011 of the AboutSF podcast: "The Day the Icicle Works Closed," written by Frederik Pohl, and read by Ian McDonald

I’m thrilled to announce that episode eleven of the AboutSF podcast is now available, for your listening pleasure:

This episode is a recording of author Ian McDonald reading the Frederik Pohl short story “The Day the Icicle Works Closed” at the 2011 Campbell Conference. Mr. McDonald was the recipient of the 2011 John W. Campbell Award for his novel The Dervish House.

I want to apologize for the significant interruption in the publication of the podcasts. Life intervened, and has prevented me from volunteering as much as I would like.

I hope everyone is doing well.

All my best in the new year,

Ben Cartwright

Ian McDonald’s blog:

The Campbell Award:
The Dervish House: